Dear Parents, Managers, Coaches, Players and Spectators,

Crusaders Baseball is a “Zero Tolerance” club. In keeping with the “Positive Attitudes and Actions” that we promote here in our club, we would like your experience here to be a fun and pleasureable one. All those in attendance at any club sponsored events shall adhear to the following Zero Tolerance Policy.

  1. You will be held responsible for your behavior
  2. No foul language will be tolerated
  3. No yelling or screaming in a derogatory manner towards and player, manager, coach, umpire, board member, parent or spectator.
  4. No bullying and belittling by players, coaches and parents.
  5. Foster open communication amongst members, show proper manners, and always be respectful.
  6. The Local Police Department will be notified of any acts of aggression or violence.

The Crusaders Baseball Club shall be notified in writing of any violation of the above Zero Tolerance Policy and a copy will be kept in a file for the board. Any violation of said Zero Tolerance policy shall be handled on a case by case basis and may include one or more of the following:

  1. A verbal warning, and/or
  2. Game suspension and/or
  3. Expulsion from club and/or
  4. Escorted from the venue by police

By signing electronically, I acknowledge reading the above Zero Tolerance Policy and agree to abide by such policy. I also agree to discuss said policy with my family members and players.