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An Open Letter From Treasure Coast RBI To Prospective Players & Parents,

We would like to thank you for visiting the Treasure Coast RBI website.

As many of you know, youth sports has become an activity of the have's and have not's. Unlike when we grew up, youth sports have become increasingly more expensive, increasingly more time consuming, and increasingly more competitive. The goal of Treasure Coast RBI is to provide access to youth sports to the underserved, underpriveledged, business owners who has limited time to devote, single parents who don't have the time or resources to be at multiple places at once, or those families who just want youth sports to be "like they used to be".

Our goal it to take you back in time, back when youth sports used to be fun, and when the game was inclusive of all, not exclusive for most. Treasure Coast RBI wants to eliminate "Daddyball" and the "win at all costs" mantra that has become so prevalent today. Treasure Coast RBI's goal is to "Revive Baseball (and softball)" for the masses, regardless of experience, age, color, or creed.

We've devised a strategy that appropriately assigns children into bands based on ability and age group. We've got a developmental program for those who have never picked up a ball and for those who have limited resources and time, where the sole focus is play and fun combined with programs where games are umpired by paid umpires, where we keep score, and we even have an elite division for those children who are advancing quickly.

As parents and players, most of us have seen the good and the bad of youth baseball. We think that travel / developmental baseball can be a better product than what the marketplace is currently offering. We believe in developing the love of the game in children but even better human beings, winning is important but long term athlete development is more important, and that in order to be successful, we must foster an environment that promotes open communication and respect for everyone involved. We have zero tolerance for politics, drama, bullying players or parents, belittling by players or parents, and poor sportsmanship. For more on our zero tolerance policy, please click here.

Treasure Coast RBI Mission Statement
"Our mission is to provide access to the game of baseball and softball to the unserved, underprivelged, and minority child, focusing on raising children into "Major League Citizens" on the playing field as children and in life."

Keeping the game fun includes making sure that everyone gets an equal amount of playing time, keeping children safe, and always staying positive. Our goal is to keep team sizes between 9 and 11 players so that everyone can get into the game and play equally.

We have four simple rules for our club members:

  1. Have Fun.
  2. Play With Energy.
  3. Play for Your Team.
  4. Be Responsible.

In "practice", we focus on three different areas that we refer to as the "ELM" principles.

  • E - Encourage Players to Show Great Energy
  • L - Encourage Players to Learn the Game
  • M - Encourage Players to be Resilient when they make Mistakes

From an organization standpoint, we believe we have a great vision for our program. We are formally organized as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and have an organizational structure that includes a financial controller, a marketing coordinator, a fundraising committee that is made up of business owners and professionals, a travel coordinator, and an attorney who specializes in advising non-profit organizations.

One critical element of our program is that we need volunteers. So, if you would like to help out, or you know someone who would like to help out, please let us know. Our volunteer base is the key to our success!

In conclusion, we would like to thank you for your interest in the Treasure Coast RBI and we hope that your vision for your child is consistent with our vision for our program.

Let's make the game fun again!

Don Ferraro
Treasure Coast RBI